CW-800EUD Heat Sealing Cutting Euro Baby Diaper Bag Making Machine


This machine can produce the following bags:
1. European diaper bag
2. single drawstring diaper bag
3. folded drawstring diaper bag
4. soft loop handle diaper bag
5. women sanitary napkins bag
baby diaper packaging bag
baby diaper packaging bag
baby diaper packaging bag
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Technical Parameter:

Length(Height) of bag making
Width of bag making 
Bottom gusset
Speed of bag making

■ Because of the non-stop improving of machine and development of new functions, appearance and specification is subject to change without notice.

Brief Introduction:

This fully automatic bag making machine is specially for various of bag diaper bags, such as European diaper bag, single drawstring diaper bag, folded drawstring diaper bag, soft loop handle diaper bag, women sanitary napkins bag and so on. Only use this all-in-one application to produce what you exactly want. Not only it can save labor but also improve your project. Moreover, it is easy to change the function of bag making.


1  EPC control maintain the stability of film feeding.
2  Accessory of European diaper bag is sealed by continuous hot air sealing, special 2 sets of punch molds.
3  Independent small unwinding for the part of drawstring.
4  International standard size for soft loop handle part, it can be customized reasonably.


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