CW-800SBD Automatic Side Weld, Bottom Weld, Double-weld Bag Making Machine


1. Chicken bag puncher device
2. OPP header bag (with pearlized film)
side weld bag
bottom weld bag
double weld bag
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Technical Parameter:




Bag type

side seal

double seal

bottom seal

side seal

Bag height





Bag width





Speed of bag making

Side seal bag


Bottom seal bag


Double seal bag


OPP bag



Total power



Machine weight



Machine dimension [LxWxH]
5000 x 1550 x 1870mm

8000 x 2000 x 2000mm

Air compressor



• Because of the non-stop Improving of machine and development of new functions, appearance and specification is subject to change without notice.

Automatic Side Weld, Bottom Weld, Double-weld Bag Making Machine

Brief introduction:
This machine is multi-function bag making machine. Fully automatic production, easily operation. The machine normal to produce PE material side sealing bag, bottom sealing bag, and double sides sealing bag. The speed of bag according the width size of bag. The max speed of bag making is 200pcs/min. 

This machine is original design of side sealing bag making machine. so with many different OPTIONAL devices to add to the machine, that the machine can produce many others type bags. Such as handle punch bag, chicken bag, bread bag and OPP header bag etc...

Optional devices:
1  Round bottom chicken bag puncher unit
2  OPP header bag device (with pearl film inserted, butterfly punch, adhesive tape and ultrasonic sealing)
3  Air hole puncher with rack
4  Conveyor table


Please be free to send us the required bag samples & bag size to check every details & confirm the bag type in order to work out a proper offer to meet your needs.

Automatic loading by air cylinder with EPC and tension cont

1  Unwinding adopt automatic loading by air cylidner, max diameter of raw rolling material is φ700mm

2  Adopt automatic tension control and EPC system

3  Unwinding shaft is heavy-chain plug axle and 1pcs air shaft

4  With photocell tracking the edge of film 

Triangle folding device (OPTIONAL)

Equipped with Triangle folding device 1600mm (edge folding device,which can fold the big single sheet film into 2 layer smaller folded film)


Top-folding continuously sealing device.+ top fold and handle punch

1  Top-folding continuously sealing, the width size of bag not be limited
2  Inside heating wire sealing, which suitfor full colours of bag
3  Adopt import heat wire, steady warming, hard sealing
4  Double adhesive tape device for side sealing bag
5  Top folding device, which can fold the max size from top of bag is 80mm
6  Bottom gusset device, which can gusset max size from bottom is 85mm

pre-heating device and photocell for printing tracking

1  Printing image tracking adopts photocell from SICK FROM GERMANY
2  The pre-sealing knife is designed specially of bottom four layers film, high speed produce bag 
3  Double sides heating, double cylinder driven, strong for gusing, and strong for sealing 



Chicken bag device (optional)

1  Two pcs hole punch from top of bag, with 14mm diameter hole 2 pcs 
2  With easy break hole punch 
3  With EPC and photocell control system
4  Broken line device from top of bag, which is easy to tear out

Cutting knife and belt

1  Side sealing knife principal axis transmission belt cylinder lifting and down
2  The transmission belt used Habasit from switzerland
3  Side sealing knife with water cycle cooling system
4  Side sealing knife adopt best of breed material, high temperature heating ametabolic
5  Side sealing knife with concealed style heating tube, temperature steady
6  Turnover heavy PE side sealing knife, humanism structure design, easy to clean


If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation,please feel free to email us at cwding@zjchuangwei.comor use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you soon. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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