Laminated pouch making machine:Types and Uses

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Recently, the laminated bag has slowly taken over the food packaging industry, replacing traditional food packaging forms, 

such as glass and plastic containers. Next time you go to any store, you will find that most foods are packed in stand up plastic

bags, and the more environmentally friendly the better.

We developed laminated pouch making machine CW-600ZF+SZ. It is very suitable for food packaging..

Meat Packaging (3 side sealing bag )

Most meat products are vacuum packed in sealed plastic bags.

Coffee Beans packaging (stand up zipper pouch)

zipper bag can not only keep your coffee beans fresh for a longer time, but also be a more convenient and environmentally 

friendly packaging choice.

Rice (central sealing gusset pouch)

Vacuum food packaging can suck out all the air and moisture, which is very important to prevent moisture infiltration 

and keep rice in good eating condition.

If you are looking for more information about the laminated pouch making machine CW-600ZF+SZ ,contact our professionals

 at Chovyting machinery on +86 13958813143

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